Segway Ninebot Max G30 Scooter (Customized)

Scooter picture taken outside Philadelphia Art Museum




Recommended Modifications:

** I have hit big potholes unexpectedly and almost lost my grip on the handlebars. These Meet Lock handlebars look cool and solve that problem completely.

Other thoughts

My Ninebot Max G30 is my flagship scooter, but not my first choice for everyday use in my city. I use this mostly when I want to get somewhere fast and I am not planning to leave it locked outside for long.

I consider this G30 scooter like a Hummer vehicle. It is higher off the ground, more reliable, and stronger than my m365. Its height, yellow features, and size make it more flashy. However, it is energy efficient unlike a Hummer.

This is my preferred scooter for quick shopping because it is tough. I can place grocery bags on its handles when I have overload. That being said, I hate leaving it outside. I have the New York City Kryptonite lock for this scooter.

I have never tested if it truly gets a 40 mile / 64 km range, but I believe it does in ideal conditions.