Xiaomi m365 Scooter (Customized)

Scooter picture taken at Lake Ontario

Editor updates: Scooters have bearings like roller skates. I had to change my SKF-6002-2RSH front wheel bearings after 2,080 miles (3,350 kilometers). It is a tough job, just like changing the tires, but well worth it. YouTube (Xiaomi m365 step by step front wheel bearing replacement) can help. My m365 pro has over 3,500 miles now and it's running strong.




Recommended Modifications (in my suggested priority order):

* I did not mention the folding mechanism hinge. Hopefully you have a newer m365 where you will not need the replacement latch from hopper.alex Ebay seller in Russia - Please note: My scooter's Ferry folding pin broke already that he once advertised as 400 times stronger. My latch purchased feels safe and performs beautifully.

** I have hit big potholes unexpectedly and almost lost my grip on the handlebars. These grip lock handlebars look cool and solve that problem completely.

*** It might be nice to add a rear mudguard, but I did not mention it. Buy a non-3D printed one because they can break easily when leaning against something.

Other thoughts on the m365

My m365 will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first electric scooter. I acquired it off the Philadelphia CraigsList from a college aged guy who told me he sold it to me because it was not fast enough. My m365 scooter was manufactured in July 2018. I have read that Xiaomi improved the design with safer components like a better folding hinge since mine was assembled.

I may have gotten a bad one, but many parts will fail. You will get flats. The pin for the folding mechanism will break with time from vibrations. You will have to keep the tires inflated. Inflating your tires every week or two is a must. You will ding the paint. You will have to oil the tire axles if you want to keep the battery performing. You should put Slime (puncture healing fluid) in the tires.

You will probably get error code 15 - handbrake magnet error - it may be crude, but if you lift the front of your scooter and drop it, eventually the error code 15 should go away.

I damaged my dashboard display with a firmware downgrade. It would not light up or make sound, but I knew it was still communicating to the deck mainboard when I pushed the power button. When I would push power button my main board was showing a 14 error: one long green followed by four green lights on the deck mainboard. I replaced the display with a new geniune Xiaomi pro dashboard. Soon after, I started to receive 15 errors. I could move the trottle and the annoying error 15 sound would stop. Apparently one of my wires in my dashboard had exposed metal and it was touching the inside of the scooter. Once I properly insulated the wire with electrical tape, my scooter started working normally again. Goodbye error 15!

M365 parts are pretty affordable to acquire, but be prepared to wait if you live in the USA. Most of the best parts I have purchased are made in Europe and Russia.

I consider the m365 my starter scooter. It is like an early IBM computer. I believe the design of these electric scooters will improve rapidly for more durability. Durability is the weakness of this scooter. Nevertheless, it is fun and efficient way to get around.

I have taken this scooter to Toronto, Montreal, Wildwood, and New York City. It performed admirably in all locations. My m365 completely withstood the shock of the bumps from the buses and cars it was folded neatly into. That is except my 3D printed aftermarket mudguard. I bought a better mudguard from Latvia in Europe and it works like a champ.

Honeycomb tires

Scooter with honeycomb front tire North Wildwood, NJ

Check out my front tire in the image above. Some serious blood, sweat, and tears went into getting that honeycomb tire mounted, but I have no regrets. After my first flat around 1000 miles (1600km), I did lots of research and decided on purchasing the Honeycomb v2 8 inch tire. There may be a better tire solution now than when I made my decision right for me in June 2019. I will put the second honeycomb tire on my rear tire when it gets a flat. I currently have about 1,400 miles (2,300 km) on this scooter. I have pain sometimes with walking, and this m365 scooter has been a blessing.

Honeycomb Tire Pros:

Honeycomb Tire Cons:

I bought my honeycomb v2 tires after reading the description and Instagram photos here:
Electric Scooters UK (opens new offsite window)

Scooter picture taken by Sea Serpent Roller Coaster