Living with pelvic floor pain

I never even heard of the term "pelvic floor", and I doubt you have as well.
I had a hip repair on my left and right sides and gastroparesis which probably contributes to my chronic pain.

Pelvic Floor Pain

Your pelvic floor is one of those areas of your body that I hope never demands any of your attention. As a male, it is particularly disconcerting, as a majority of the time you see it associated with women. I have attended workshops and they male to female ratio is usually about 9:1 women to men. I do not know, maybe men are too proud or depressed to do something about it.

In my own words, your pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that support your sexual/waste organs and your butt. Some of these muscles help you poop and urinate.


Having constant stabbing pain in your private nether regions is painful, and depressing.

Lower back pain - never wanted, please leave


Hurts your indoor sports time with your partner

When you are in bed, if you wake up a little bit, the urge to urinate is so strong you have to wake up, go to the toilet and satisfy it


Creates leakage, need urinary protection sometimes

When it peaks, got to go to the toilet every 5 minutes

Like a Weathervane

Responds to stress like nothing else in my body

Makes it hard to drive - I love to drive, but I learned from pain that driving can be stressful

Proactive Thoughts