I have a serious digestive illness that restricts my diet. Luckily soft pretzels are still a safe food for me. I often eat a dozen or more soft pretzels a month.

I hope you find my opinions valuable if you are looking for a good soft pretzel in my home city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Pretzel BakerTasteReheat qualityPriceNotes
Wawa10unknown80 cents each 2 for 1.49 (75 cents each)Winner, great moisture, texture, and salt - tops my list due to easy availability
Soft Pretzels Inc (opens new window) [COVID killed business]10950 cents each price improves with bulkJust as good as Wawa, different, like childhood favorites - eaten by NASA astronauts in space - hard to get to bakery when open - 4315 N 3rd St. Zip code: 19140
Jim’s Pretzels (now a Philly Pretzel Factory franchise)98.51.25 each / 10 dollars for 20 (50 cents each)At the end of Woodhaven Rd (right off PA State Road 63) 1899 Byberry Road Zip code 19116
Philly Soft Pretzel Factory88 regular / 0 minis75 cents for 1, buy more less per pretzelAll over Philadelphia and vicinity - pretzel weighs less than all others?!?
Avoid the mini soft pretzels if you care about calories or reheating. Their mini pretzels are NOT reheatable!
Center City Pretzel8950 cents each no bulk discountBakery has a special culture -- worth a visit
Acme Special ** 107.56 for 1.99 (33 cents each)They taste like onion bagels in pretzel form, minced onions a bit greasy
Trader Joes ** [no longer sold]8.582.49 for 4 (.62 cents each)In frozen section, they have a decent taste, like a German pretzel, and seem higher in nutrition reading ingredients

** These are supermarket sold pretzels, they are not ranked in my order of my opinion on taste/quality

2024 update: I want to try Tasty Twisters Bakery in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia. Also, Casss Mart Pretzel Bakery in 202 Route 130 N, Cinnaminson, NJ deserves a taste test

When I reheat a frozen pretzel, I put it in a wet cloth or a paper towel and reheat it on high for 49 seconds or so in a 900 watt microwave. Why 49 seconds? My digits 4 and 9 are adjacent to each other on my microwave. In 2024, I have a steam toaster oven - it reheats breads and pretzels beautifully.

When you get fresh pretzels and want to save them, freeze them as soon as you can. I believe the longer you freeze your pretzels, the more moisture they lose, so eat them within a couple months of purchase.

I cannot tolerate pretzels with a lot of butter, so they are not on my list (Auntie Anne's / Reading Terminal Amish).

Winner! Wawa Soft Pretzels!

They have their own bakery. I have not found a way to buy them cheap in bulk for freezing and reheating.

A Wawa pretzel outside of a Wawa convenience store