Xiaomi M365 Pro Scooter (Customized)

Scooter picture taken at Penn Park

Editor updates: Scooters have bearings like roller skates. I had to change my SKF-6002-2RSH front wheel bearings after 2,080 miles (3,350 kilometers). It is a tough job, just like changing the tires, but well worth it. YouTube (Xiaomi m365 step by step front wheel bearing replacement) can help. My m365 pro has over 3,500 miles now and it's running strong.




Recommended Modifications (in my suggested priority order):

** I have hit big potholes unexpectedly and almost lost my grip on the handlebars. These grip lock handlebars look cool and solve that problem completely.

Other thoughts on the m365 Pro

My m365 Pro feels like a good upgrade to the m365 classic due to the extra range and stronger handlebar pole. I am not sure it would be worth $600 though if you are starting out with your first scooter. It still has the same annoying overly difficult tire replacement problems. If you have no mechanical or technical ability though, it may be worth paying the $600 outright.

M365 Pro parts are pretty affordable to acquire, but be prepared to wait if you live in the USA. Most of the best parts I have purchased are made in Europe and Russia.

I prefer my M365 Pro scooter to my Ninebot Max. Its a smaller scooter. It has a lower profile in my city and I prefer being closer to the ground.

Honeycomb tires

Scooter with honeycomb front tire North Wildwood, NJ

I recommend honeycomb tires. They work for me perfectly. I've had no scooter damage. Check out my front tire on my m365 Classic above or the 365 Pro at the top of the page. Some serious blood, sweat, and tears went into getting my honeycomb tires mounted, but I have no regrets. I did lots of research and decided on purchasing the Honeycomb v2 8 inch tire. There may be a better tire solution now than when I made my decision right for me in June 2019. I currently have two honeycomb tires on the my M365 Pro scooter and I love the way it rides! I have no more concerns about riding over glass on the ground. I'm sure the vibrations while riding are higher, but it does not bother me in the least.

Honeycomb Tire Pros:

Honeycomb Tire Cons:

I bought my honeycomb v2 tires after reading the description and Instagram photos here:
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