Highboy S2 Pro Scooter (Customized)

Scooter picture taken at Penn Park




Recommended Modifications (in my suggested priority order):

Other thoughts on the Hiboy S2 Pro

They come with Honeycomb pre-installed tires

Scooter with honeycomb front tire North Wildwood, NJ

I recommend honeycomb tires. They work for me perfectly. If you think you can tolerate rollerskates or skateboards, there is no reason you would have trouble with similar scooter vibrations. I've had no scooter damage. Check out my front tire on my year 2017-designed m365 Classic. Some serious blood, sweat, and tears went into getting my honeycomb tires mounted, but I have no regrets. I currently have two honeycomb tires on the my M365 Pro scooter and I love the way it rides! I have no more concerns about riding over glass on the ground. I'm sure the vibrations while riding are higher, but it does not bother me in the least.

Honeycomb Tire Pros:

Honeycomb Tire Cons:

I bought my honeycomb v2 tires after reading the description and Instagram photos here:
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