Best applesauce making apples

Every crop of apples varies slightly and organic sometimes tastes different. Below I show my applesauce taste opinions. They are from a guy who does not usually care for added sugar in a lot of food, especially produce.
Apple typeGood for applesauceComments
McIntoshYesProbably the best flavor, but the apples are smaller, so more work to peel
Golden DeliciousYes Fantastic – wife and I agree on this one – good taste and sweetness
RomeYesBaseline – this is a household favorite, not too sweet
FujiYesSlightly sweet and tangy - better than expected
Jonah GoldYesOne of the best
AmbrosiaYesIt could be the apples, but my thicker sauce result was not as watery and juicy as most batches. Its taste is good and it might be ideal for baking something like strudel.
NikitaYesSweet followed by a burst of tart - very good
SnapdragonYesA little sweet, but still very good
Granny SmithNoJust doesn’t taste good as applesauce, but I love the tartness as apples
Red DeliciousNoDoesn’t taste good as applesauce, but I like the apple
Pink LadyNoDoesn’t taste good as applesauce, but I like the apple
CortlandNoReminds me of sweet tart candies from childhood – too sweet in my opinion
HoneycrispNoWay too sweet, I will never try this as applesauce again
GalaNoOrganic from Chile were a little too sweet by themselves. Internet says they are good mixed with granny smith - untested
GravesteinUnknownI have not tested yet to date
StaymanUnknownHeard on Internet they’re good mixed with golden delicious

How I make applesauce: My technique and tools

It is probable you do not have my tools, but here's my technique I devised with time and practice over the last couple months. Most guys know the better the tools you have, the easier your job.

Tip: do not buy bruised apples, they taste fine but are harder to peel efficiently

Tip: apple stems get in the way when you are peeling. Avoid buying apples with them if you can.

Tip: 8 pounds of peeled/cored apples can go in my 6 quart slow cooker IF chopped up.

My recommended tools:

My Applesauce Making Technique:

  1. Put the kitchen towel under your cutting board
  2. Rinse your apples in the kitchen sink
  3. Pick up your Y shaped peeler and be mindful when using it. You do not want to peel your finger tips. Concentrate/Focus when peeling! Do not say I did not warn your fingertips!
    If you do not mind spending more time and being less efficient, use a swivel peeler. Your fingertips are safe this way.
  4. Cut the apple skin off the top and bottom of all your apples
  5. Put the top/bottom skinned apples in a bowl so they do not roll away
  6. Peel each previously top and bottom shaved apple
  7. Put each apple into a bowl
  8. Remove your cutting board, carefully pick up towel, and dispose of your apple peels
  9. Core each apple with your apple corer
  10. Remove cutting board, carefully pick up towel, and dispose of your apple cores
  11. Place all the apple pieces into your slow cooker or chopped salad bowl
  12. Randomly cut up/mince the apples to your hearts content with your large knife in your slow cooker. The smaller your apple pieces, the more apples your slow cooker can hold. Tip: I believe apples break down faster to sauce in your slow cooker if they are sliced smaller.
    * If you are using a salad chopping bowl with the pizza-like slicer to slice your apple pieces (faster), put them in your slow cooker when finished!
  13. Turn your slow cooker on HIGH.
  14. (Optional) Add apple pie spices - I recommend you buy from a spice store, not supermarket
  15. Wait about two hours till the apples smell really good
  16. Occasionally mash the apple pieces with wooden spoon, potato masher, etc.
  17. You should see applesauce 150 to 180 minutes after you applied heat.
    More heat and time = more apple break down
  18. Enjoy! You can take it from here. Do not burn your tongue tasting its deliciousness!