You found my mascot's website

Think of my blog as a manual or guide featuring escapism and/or exploration of some of life's zaniness, my way! I hope you read or see something enjoyable here! Welcome!

My fellow Philadelphia born and raised American actor Will Smith said, "There have been gazillions of people that have lived before all of us. There's no new problem you could have--with your parents, with school, with a bully. There's no new problem that someone hasn't already had and written about it in a book." I am adding onto Will's thoughts by sharing my own thoughts through my silly and hopefully somewhat informative blog.

Every thought, experience, and opinion on my site are my homemade thoughts and images. I am creating more content as I continue my wild adventure through life. I hope you find and read something I wrote here relatable. Maybe you will find my words amusing too - bonus!

I update this site mostly during our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania winters. Look under my writings section for my current life musings. Thanks for visiting!

My site is here to share information about things I am passionate about: computers, travel, writing/sharing some my real experience stories, and filling in some of the blanks in life from those missing manuals.

Why Captain Applesauce?

It is a fun, silly and catchy name for a super hero. Catch me in cyberspace as CaptnApplesauce. I am not much of an artist, but check out my "art" of the captain.