We made it to Quebec City in one piece! These Québécois are notoriously bad by being really into barriers and we had to forge our way over and under a few upon arrival here. All the bus terminals have a central indoor waiting area and you’re not allowed to step outside until the bus arrives. The door to your gate is locked until your bus driver opens it. I’m on a bus with Megan right now on our way to waterfalls supposedly 1.5. Times as tall as Niagara Falls. We’ve been having Irish weather: it changes four times a day sometimes four times an hour - warm, cold, windy, showery, refreshing, and revolting.

Quebec City has a lot of beautiful architecture but it’s not a place for me. Apparently the USA failed to conquer it twice and the English eventually beat New France to become the place it is today. It’s funny how we never talk about our USA historical failures to capture parts of our northern neighbors. I’m glad we Americans failed. Montreal is still an amazing city with its own unique identity. Quebec City is beautiful in its own right but I would get bored here quickly. I guess the city walls and the citadel at the top point of the city have been my favourite sites.

I saw a little dog that looked like a miniature horse. I started following the lady with her canine friend trying to capture a good picture to share with you.

I was getting bored with all the tourists and large steep hills in this city when we found the parliament building. We saw nice FREE gardens, fountains and beautiful landscaping. Most of my favourite pictures today center around the parliament area.

One creepy homeless guy with a simple wax cup started screaming out Darth Vader lines to Megan in her Star Wars shirt as we passed. His impressions were actually quite good after we figured out what he was doing.

I found it interesting the french call their city hall Hôtel de Ville. (City hotel). Also I discovered that happy hour in french has all of the worst sounds I cannot make: heureux heure. I tried 50 times yesterday. I need some pliers to put my tongue in place I guess.

I finally have some exciting to share! Waterfalls and lots and lots of climbing! My hip and pelvic muscles love me today! We took the bus to Montmorency Falls. It was such a beautiful early afternoon. These québécois made an awesome use of their green space. They have zip lining across the falls for 33 Canadian dollars or 22 United States dollars. Megan was a bit timid about all the stairs to the bottom of the falls but as soon as she saw them she said that’s why we are here. I also love a scene you’ll see if a beautiful green bridge over the Saint Lawrence river. Once again I refer to my quote life isn’t about how meant breaths you take but about how many moments take your breath away. Today was another one. Niagara Falls are wider and more majestic, but these falls were pretty amazing and not over monetized like the Niagara area. I believe if the USA owned it, we would commercialize it and screw it up.

I think I may have dropped below 140 pounds / 60 kg on this trip because my pants are getting looser. Hopefully the cruise ship will fatten me up. They had watermelon juice and chicken congee this morning and it made my happy. Megan insists I deserve this trip as much as her despite she paid for it all. What a good wife I have. At least writing to you makes me feel a little less selfish about my environmental cost to society for my experiences and adventures. Till next time au revoir!