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He were go with what might be my final chapter. Sadness hit me around 630pm as I approached old port of Montreal that this was the last new stop. I ran out of time. It was a hot one here today - almost 90, so I know it was hot in the lower 48. Today I took a lot of videos. Let me know when I get back if you like videos. I was trying to capture ambience but if it doesn’t translate well, I’ll stick to my traditional still frame sharing. It may be a pain in the butt to start the videos with your mobility. Well let me know.

So I realized today part of the reason I was so sick yesterday was because I forgot to take the meds for my stomach. I was so off it entirely slipped my mind until I thought about it today. Things were a little better today, clearly because of the pills helping with the acid and motility.

First thing that strikes me is I have been running into a lot of homeless here. They are everywhere I guess. I wanted to idealize Canada with their social policies, but it looks like at least some of homelessness just cannot be beaten. I saw an injectable needle on the ground on the way home outside a bar tonight. Drugs are everywhere. By way way, I smell a lot of weed here, but not as much as Toronto. It really smells awful. I call it skunk weed. Listening to dudes as they inhale it taking awful coughs, I wonder if the high is worth the pain. Oh well to each their own.

I went looking for Rue Allen today and it turns out Google LIED! There is no Rue Allen, there’s an Avenue Allen. I was so disappointed. You’ll see the picture later. I kept looking and looking for my street, but it was not here. Apparently there’s another Rue Allen 45 miles from the city, but that’s another adventure. This evening I noticed there’s a President Kennedy Avenue. I like that the Québécois liked Kennedy enough to name an Avenue downtown after him.

I found the St. Lawrence River on to Avenue Allen and the trails were beautiful. I want to applaud the engineers, artisans, city planners, and the Department of Parks and Recreation here in Montreal. They are doing a fantastic job. I feel like they have a set of workers just beautifying the city with new stuff. There’s so much construction going on. I wonder what will be new in a couple years. They are doing something right here in this town. I always thought the Québécois must not have anything special, that’s why they overpay with their undervalued dollar to come to Wildwood, New Jersey. I’m so glad to be wrong. My best tip when I was a chambermaid was $30 from a Québécois. He handed it right to me by the pool at the Nancy Lee hotel where I worked. I will never forget it.

I do not feel like I explored every place I visited thoroughly. I just got a taste of some of the beauty here. I feel like I need about three weeks here to pick my favorite spots. I’ve only seen pockets of the city. Granted I hit a lot of the high notes, but this city feels huge and I want more. Donnez-moi! This is without a doubt my favorite city in the East. It’s my Wildwood of the north! I told Megan to brush up on her French because we’re going to be spending some time here when in the future in warm months. There’s been so few places I liked as much as here: South Island New Zealand for adventure, Sydney for tourism, NYC for day trips, Washington DC for adventure, Seattle for relaxing, Galway for entertainment, Melbourne for living. I probably have more super places that’s just a few coming to my mind at the moment.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and videos for today. I truly wish you and I could go on some more adventures. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we hoped. Despite everything with my health I am really lucky. My lifeguard tan is starting to resurface after my rumble in the sun everyday this week. I am wearing sunscreen everyday. It feels nice to feel so alive. I am going to be so depressed coming back home. A little part of me is going to feel less love for the US after my trip here. I dunno who makes the best social policies, but in terms of beauty, outdoor adventure, convenience and aesthetics I really have not seen much better than this in a long time. On top of that I love the bilingual-ness of it all here! It does not look like the USA. It does not look much like France. It’s its own thing. I really like it! I hope I can help you live vicariously a bit through my photos and zany comments about them.