Mar 29 2021 [MLK Drive]

Weathersunny, a little bit chilly, felt colder than our actual temperature, windy
Moodplease stop pain signals to my brain
Restoring nature1.5 hours
My trashabout experience

Pain – what do you do with the messaging from your brain? Your brain keeps tossing it at you. Allen, don’t eat that any more. Allen, lay down. Obey. Allen, just think about your nausea and nothing else. Allen, stop eating bad things. Then there are counter thoughts: Allen, stop being a wimp. Allen, stop being hard on yourself. Allen, just do it anyway. That’s what I am doing right now, trying to write. My brain doesn’t want my narrator to flow, it just wants me to lay down on my left hand side and succumb to nausea. Maybe I will in a bit. But for now let me try writing a little.

Today I wanted to make it to the Strawberry Mansion bridge. It’s a special place for me that reminds me of the New Jersey shore. Our weather looked like a lamb from my window, but the wind was roaring like a lion. I got to the wall on MLK Drive and it was blocking the wind. I looked around at the closed trail that our Philadelphia contractors are working to expand. There was litter all over the place around it. I enjoyed feeling the sun on my back and I think the contractors will enjoy not being surrounded by litter. I got to it. At first there were no thank you’s, but eventually they started pouring in on me as usual. Thank you appreciative public! Somebody called me out and thanked me by name, but I did not remember his name. Drat!

Here comes pain again. Another pain I have cycling through the last couple months is burning mouth syndrome. Yes, it sounds hokey. I hope I’m wrong. I found it on Mayo Clinic, a reputable medical site. I have been trying to figure this out my burnt dry mouth thing with my primary care doctor since the beginning. Luckily it seems to come and go like other cycles of a guy in a chronic waxing and waning gastroparesis rut. I woke up with a charlie horse in my calf this morning, probably my sixth rude awakening the same way this year. C’est la vie.

I have a lot of thoughts but I cannot get my writing narration rhythm today. One guy was completely spooked with me riding on my electric scooter with a blue trash can lid and litter grabber attached to my backpack. He is not alone. He did a triple-take. I sometimes see it as kind of funny sometimes. Other times it just makes me sad like today. Somebody brighter and more enlightened than me once said something like “We do not see things as they are, we seem them as we are.” I have nothing left but pain around my body and frustration in my mind. First, a break, then I will be onto my visual story. I hope you find something in my written or photo works je nais se quoi. Thanks for reading my post today.

Two mallards together, out for a chat and stroll at FDR Park on Saturday. It has nothing to do with litter – I just liked the picture and wanted to share to get this visual story started.
Today, I stopped here at our trail expansion workzone. You don’t see any litter, but it’s our of frame
fixing up my city, this is the way it should look – litter free – while employees are fixing up our trails
Backwoods: the number #1 most littered cigar/blunt in Philadelphia
Scooby Snack: something tells me this did not contain dog food
This ChaseNWellness littered item had a cool holographic label. Sadly all my other my camera shots show about four distorted rainbows. I brought this cool jar home and washed it.
See that pipe? It is a drain from our highway system. Loads of little highway litter falls from it: many cigarette butts in particular. It is so dispiriting doing litter cleanup near these drain. There is a big red straw still there in the picture.
Another diaper – it was really heavy again – probably two pounds or a kilogram. I guess I understand why folks don’t want to haul them to a trash can.
I do not think this litter had anything to do with the Monopoly board game.
Kush rush: kush is a strain of cannabis… I just looked it up.
Enough drug litter. Here’s a happy ending: Our MLK Drive meadow is restored
However, if one turns 180 degrees, there is plenty more litter to be had… another day… I was physically and mentally “dunzo” for the day.
I know more car brands by sight than trees. This is one of my favorite trees starting its blooming cycle. I think it is an American sycamore or elm. I hope to learn more about trees this year. I will be probably be gabbing about genus this year as I learn more. It’s on my favorite litter pictures page in bloom at dusk
Rowing…. rowing… rowing on a river (in the spirit of John Forgerty from Clearance Clearwater Revival)
I filled that whole darn bag before I called it quits for the day. Thanks for viewing my visual storytelling on this late March day.
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