Hello world!

You probably found my page through my Facebook postings. Thanks for visiting. I am new at using blogging software. I have been encouraged to do so multiple times and I decided to give it a go to start our year 2021. If you visit again, I am sure things will change as I learn more about what I am doing. I hope you enjoy sharing my unique thoughts about litter, adventure, and other musings from my urban life during my wild ride on our planet. 🙂

I send all my best to you and your families in these difficult unprecedented times. I am 44-years old and I have never lived through anything quite like social quarantining. In the past couple years there has been some major health changes in my life. Then covid happened.

The only thing constant is change. There is no such thing as normal. Do not be surprised by anything.

Hang in there one and all!

Thanks again – Allen 🙂

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