Jan 5 2021 [MLK Drive]

Temperature41F / 5C
Moodcold winter weather, but trying to keep a routine
Restoring nature1.5 hours
My trashabout experience

Today I cleaned up a lot of litter on a chilly winter day. I never made it to where I intended to clean. It is so often the case. I was out there alone without much activity from other outdoor enthusiasts. I was working my way zig zagging around picking up litter across the four lanes as I come across it. An older bicyclist was coming by way too fast yelling Woow woow woow. There was zero chance of a collision, but I could see where he was coming from. I was in the wrong of course, but if he was riding slower, there never would have been a reason for him to “honk” at me. My trash haul was good. I got about 6 shopping bags full of litter. I got the thank you’s I enjoy by a few of the winter exercise enthusiasts out there. It was all it could be. My nose was running in my mask, so I was glad to come home and rest after a cold outing. Not surprisingly, more purple pinkish stryofoam was sprawling in places along my cleanup route.

A trash grabber holding a piece of purple sytroam
local_offerevent_note January 6, 2021

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