Hello folks

Welcome to my gabbing about garbage blog.  I write a lot about litter cleanup in Philadelphia, but sometimes I write about travel or anything else that comes to mind.  I have an unpredictable health condition called gastroparesis that flares up and recedes as it pleases.  It makes me very sad and causes much mental, physical, and social pain.  I like being outdoors, making progress, and doing anything low stress to distract me from constant nausea. Cleaning up litter helps me cure some of that pain and sadness.  It is simple to do, especially with a litter grabber. You may think it below you to clean litter, but kind of people I want to meet are the kind of people who appreciate that kind of thing.   I appreciate you visiting this page to learn a little more about me.  Be safe and do the best you can out there in the wilds of our world.  Try not to be surprised by anything. Life can change on you like the flip of a dime.

I am not holier than thou. I litter sometimes. Our wind blows really hard and something flies from my hands down the street. Sometimes on my windshield or car floor, leaves or pollen stack up and I throw them on the ground. Sometimes I am sick and I really do not have the strength to bend down and pick up what I mishandled. I go to group gatherings and sometimes lose track of my cup or water bottle. We are all human with mental and physical injuries. English poet Alexander Pope said to err is human; to forgive is divine. We are all imperfect with many stressors from the world. What I don’t get is overt senseless littering: throwing trash out of car windows, breaking glass bottles in public places, throwing plastic and cigarette butts right down into our rivers, leaving trash after enjoying nature when there’s a trash can nearby. I guess littering is a part of the human condition. Additionally, sometimes Mother Nature lends a hand to litter creation. Windy weather may pull properly placed litter right out of our public receptacles. No matter the source, our litter keeps me busy and sane doing something that feels good to me when I’m healthy enough to do something about it.

Here are some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) I get:

What types of litter do you find most?

What are the best litter “treasures” you have found in your trashabouts?

Nobody asks, but yes, I take pictures all the time when I am beautifying my city. I clean my gloves, scooter, and mobile phone when I get home. Feel free to take a look at my favorite trashabout photos.

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