Apr 1 2021 [Art Museum East]

Weathersunny, chilly, windy
Moodstruggling badly this week in particular, no April fooling
Restoring nature1 hour
My trashabout experience

About 4:30 post meridian (pm) time, I needed to get out of the house, nausea be darned. I didn’t have much in my gas tank, but I scooted to a grassy area near the art museum. I picked a new spot sort of kind of near our Rocky statue. I usually try to avoid being near cars like the plague. All kinds of insults and intentional litter can come out of driving cars. I remind myself it is not personal. Today our drivers were well behaved. One honked, opened the window and thanked me. I brought a single shopping bag and my work gloves. It was nice being outdoors and I continued working along the east side of the art museum. A woman asked if I knew the name of a gorgeous white blooming tree. I told her I did not, but I will look it up on my phone. It turns out it was a willow tree, probably a weeping willow. She seemed happy I stuck around and told her friend about the weeping willow when she caught up. It was nice that she felt so safe with me and thought I might be knowledgeable. One other woman clapped for me too and I thanked her and smiled under my mask. I got into the tree look ups on my phone. I found a Japanese Maple, Mexican Cypress in addition to the Weeping willow I found earlier. It was a short excursion, but mind over matter. I got some sun, scholarship and satisfaction outdoors today in less than 75 minutes. What more could I ask for?

Here is where my scooter took me… there’s lots of big disposable meal takeout litter around.
Tourists were having fun at our Rocky statue… Look… a trail of litter leads the way! 🙂
I was loving the white weeping willow blossoms and the dark pink blooms even further in the background – I cleaned this zone – it was not too littered today
White weeping willows – say that 10 times fast – actually it’s pretty easy
Japanese Maples (if any of my observations with my iNaturalist app are wrong, please correct me)
Mexican Cypress tree – this is the tree I’m least confident about, though it really matches the description – I am more sure it really is a Cypress
3 bags full of that shopping bag on top and I ended here on the west side of the art museum, closer to home, at trash can zero. I was spent – I’ll figure out what kind of tree that is in the background is some other time 🙂 Thanks for viewing. My wife encouraged me to write this post. I’m going to bed again right after. Be safe all!
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