Apr 23 2021 [Glendinning Rock Garden]

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My trashabout experience

Greetings garbage gab readers.  Yesterday I was too spent to gab about garbage.  I told Megan, my wife, before I left that I did not know how much energy I had to write, but I always seemed to find it when it came to the gabbing part afterwards.  It was not true yesterday.  I think there is something undiagnosed going on with me.  It could just be a rough patch.  Heck, maybe my vagus nerve is recovering and these weird things happening are the beginning of a comeback.  I am trying to think positively about my health in the future.

I did not want to be around many people while I worked, so I went to a more remote park called the Glendinning Rock Garden.  I gabbed about it in my writings of the past, mentioning it needed some serious park love.  It was clear to me other volunteers must have tuned this park a bit, but it would probably take a week to seriously clean it up from head to toe.  My best moments were a little boy, maybe six or seven at most, and his friend were excitedly walking around the park, sort of with their mom.  He asked me if I saw any frogs.  He told me they were studying amphibians in school.  I told him I was trash fishing.  If I saw any frogs I would shout out to let him know.  Sadly, I saw no frogs.  When they were leaving he asked me again and I said I did not see any.  I said that maybe they already ate their dinner.  He asked if I worked there.  I told him, no, that I was a volunteer and help out because I like this park.

Apparently there was an Easter egg hunt recently in a section of the rock garden park too.  I found two golden eggs among other plastic egg finds.  I brought one home 🙂   I realized that all the eggs were not found.   I found a small sealed Snickers bar in one.  Nope, I did not eat it.  In the litter can it went, though in hindsight… Megan might have eaten it.  A Snickers bar will make me wallow in gastrointestinal distress these days.

I could spend a week at this rock garden park cleaning it.  I was only in the main area picking up the most egregious litter.  It’s really beautiful and it feels like a nice retreat.  It used to be our local Spring Garden Water Works in the 1840’s, before it was knocked down and replaced with this beautiful park when our water treatment centers moved.  This park screams, “what a great place for a picnic.”  It would be very tricky to get you there John.  At least you can live a little bit vicariously through my pictures.  I hope you enjoy my visual story of the park and my trashabout experience coming right up.

Welcome to my trashabout visual story on Friday, April 23 from Philadelphia’s large Fairmount Park.

If you look closely in this picture, you will see trash about. I was en route here to the Glenndinning Rock Garden.
A few minutes later, I was there in the late afternoon sun in a sort of chilly day. Welcome to the Glendinning Rock Garden.
Sadly, there were “short dumps” around as our Parks and Rec people call them sometimes. Household garbage dumped right by the stairway down.
Look at that – so peaceful! There’s plastic litter in the picture but I doubt you’ll see it. You wouldn’t see it if you were there because it’s gone now
Turn on your blinders if you like, I did A LOT of trash fishing with my garbage grabber.
Somebody must of dropped a beer bottle and part of it broke. As I picked it up with my grabber, beer got all over my shoe and pants. My regular nausea did not respond well to spoiled beer. I stayed my course though.
What’s the under the red deadnettle? Why, it’s a golden egg! It was empty. That did not stop me from bringing it home with me
Sadly, yes, I found this near one of the eggs. It made me angry near the kids eggs. Also, it’s part of the reason I did not bring home Snicker’s bar I found in one of the eggs.
Here’s the second most fun easter egg shell I found. I found about 5 or 6 more littered easter egg shells. Most of them were the full oval.
On a happy final note, check out Canadian geese babies with Mom and Dad
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