Apr 13 2021 [MLK Drive]

Weathersunny, pleasant
MoodPensive, pains, but finding pleasures
Restoring nature1.5 hours
My trashabout experience

Our weather people were wrong.  I am happy about it this time.  It turned out to be a lot warmer than I expected.  We have seen some dreary cold early spring weather the past couple of days.  I needed the sun.  I got it.  People were gracious for my garbage cleanup efforts.  I received nothing but praise and curious looks today.  Our new trail widening project seems mostly completely and humans were already mucking it up with litter.  I left it better than I found it.  I feel better than I did before I started.  Thank you litter bugs.  You make my days brighter sometimes.  

Some delivery service littered my building’s trash room with about a dozen empty plastic bags. I put them to use instead of our recycling bin. My city does not recycle plastic bags, but some supermarkets will take them. My city is starting a plastic bag ban October 1, 2021.
Stoner Patch Kids litter
The whole shabang litter
A nice spring view near a beech or birch tree. I’m still a tree sleuthing gumshoe, I could be totally wrong … I cannot wait till I know for sure
This litter has been here for two weeks. It looks like a purse, but it formerly contained respirator equipment, some contact lenses and sanitary wipes. You can make up your own story why this was tossed/looted(?) here. I lived in the city too long to think up a positive scenario.
A fresh clean littered parking ticket for spring – ahhh!
Here’s my favorite local Eastern Redbud tree and trash can #0. I filled up about 5 shopping bags full of litter like you see on the scooter. These final two bags balanced out my scooter well today.
My best litter find today: a pin of a lion that says courage. It takes some courage to get out there and pick up the mess of others. It’s not exactly a popular volunteer activity. It keeps me sane and makes me feel good. I am trying to leave our earth ecosystem a little better than I found it (at least in one way).

For John and anyone that may have followed my tale today, thank you as always

La Fin
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