Mar 20 2021 [Lemon Hill]

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My trashabout experience

Welcome to another garbage gab from the life of this chronically ill, but more fortunate than most earthling.  Today I had a special assistant that came out with me on my trashabout, my wife.  At first she was patient with me stopping frequently picking up litter.  I started at the Lemon Hill trail.  I am struggling with Morton’s neuroma in multiple spots in my left foot, and I think I may have a little zone in my right foot too.   It’s good for me to stop.  Stopping reduces impact.  Less impact means less pain to the brain.  

Starting off on the trail, I picked up more broken glass than anything at first with my work gloves.  They have a strong protective blue layer of rubber over the fingers and palm area.  I do not know if I would ever trust a pair of gloves without that protection.  I am spoiled now.   Eventually my wife asked for a work glove.  I gave her my left glove.   She got into helping me.  There was plenty of litter around.  Where there are people, there’s litter.  Where there are good picnic spots, there is usually more litter.  Where there are parked cars by nature, these areas usually win the most litter trophies in my experience. 

We walked half the trail and worked our way back towards home.  You may not believe it, but if you walk a trail cleaning up litter, you are going to miss some of it.  You will probably miss more than you would expect.  Light, shadows, angles, plants, weeds, nature scenes, and even other litter can easily help nearby litter evade your senses.  

I was calling out the litter as I saw it.  Maybe that is what got my wife interested in helping.  Collectively, we probably gathered about 5 pounds (2.2 kilograms) of litter.  I know because I was carrying my litter bag for while before a relatively empty trash can appeared.  My left foot in particular does not enjoy extra weight carrying things at present.   Sadly, I found a bunch of narcotic items today.  I will save the funny one, then the sad ones for the visual story.  It was nice to have a helper to verbalize my inner thoughts while cleaning.  At one point, I was the only one cleaning, and two guys on a park bench thanked us.  My wife was “thanked by association.”  Three small groups said thank you.  It feels good to be appreciated.  I appreciate you for reading my random meandering of the day.  Now onto that visual story I mentioned a bit ago…

Welcome my visual story… early spring is popping up purple peep volunteers all over our Philadelphia Azelea Garden behind our art museum
With my Morton’s neuroma, my wife and I headed to a soft footing early spring zone – our Philadelphia Lemon Hill Trail

Those daffodils must be getting the best sun from the northwest – that’s the way their yellow heads are facing for the most part
My wife watched patiently for awhile as I did my slow and steady razzmatazz. I did not bring my litter grabber as I wanted this to be a low key shared nature outing.
Trail users saw the clear bag of litter and a couple passerbys said thank you
Litter find of the day: Medibles: Sour Patch Kids candy infused with marijuana
Here’s my fellow one-glove helper again – I wanted her to live stronger in my memory helping me out – I hope she helps again on some of my trashabouts
Another intresting litter find: pizza shaped candy. I forgot my wife had my other work glove – probably not smart to touch it, c’est la vie.
Sadly drug bags and needle tops are close to my house… it is getting warmer outside and with warmth comes more people
Most of this homeless group was here under the bridge close to my home all winter. They were quiet and clean. It looks like they are being pushed away and a dirtier group is arriving. I wish I knew what to do besides turn a blind eye and complain. Nothing about our homeless issue is simple.
Thanks for sharing another visual story with me. Here’s an older picture, but still relevant. Hang in there folks. Till next time, I’m signing off.

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