John Valentine Politis      

My Library
Are you curious? Take a look here to see my library history here in Philadelphia, PA and pictures of the retired Lithuanian librarian hard at work!
Library Aides Hall of Fame
This area has the names and some photographs of the greatest library aides
during my time at Central High School.
My Favorite Records
These are the recordings that make me glad I was on earth when I was.
My Favorite Books
Being a librarian, I've read many books in my time.
Check out the books that bring back fond memories.
My Favorite Old-Time Radio Shows:
Even before the times of the tube there was great shows to hear on the radio.
These are the ones I like best!
My Favorite Films
From the past to the present, these are the films I found to be the most rewarding!
My favorite concerts
I'm an avid fan of live music!
Look here to see the concerts I thought were best in my lifetime!
My Biggest Inspiration
Courage to emulate !

Any comments, suggestions, or advice?

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