John and the other cool kids -

So here I am again, your family member with the invisible illness. It’s real as rain to me. My stomach has been so upset all day. I’m writing this from a place of pain. At home I would not have left the apartment. However, I’m in Montreal and my time is short. I knew I needed more time here than Toronto. My body will not keep up with me. I ate Armenian pizza: spinach and cheese last night. It had onion too. I thought I could get away with the spinach, but it has been biting me away on the insides all day. I think this is going to be one of those three-day intense nausea attacks.

I got myself out the door and headed to my favorite un-supermarket: Segal’s. I wanted the safe “pizza”. It’s called Nane Pizza, which means Turkish pizza. It’s a little bit too spicy, but it doesn’t make me sick. I love it. Anyway, I asked the owner of the store when they would get it back in because it wasn’t there. He started dropping f-bombs and was completely honest with me. He says the company only has two trucks and he’s been waiting for the order for two days for them to come and restock him. You can insert his f-bombs where you would like. You’ll probably be right, but missing a couple. I couldn’t help but like the guy. Real is real!

I decided to go up to Mont Royal and collect myself. I was hoping the ascent would push the pain out of my stomach. No luck. I sat by the lake for awhile under a tree enjoying some classical guitar a local had on his music box nearby. I decided to visit God’s place to see if he would grant me a miracle today. It was called the Saint Joseph Oratory of Mont Royal. This church was huge and magestic. The cynical part of me things gods miracles would happen in a shack in some poor remote village, rather than a huge architectural marvel like this. I took many pictures and a couple videos for you. I was pretty mad there was no holy water and the water fountain pressure was so low you couldn’t use it. I guess they get thousands of tourists there a day. I saw several people there praying in pain like me. I prayed for India. I think if World War Three is going to happen, Trump won’t start it. I think water is going to start it. Watch how ethical people behave when they can’t get clean food and water. Heck, I said I would never shop at Wal-mart because of their labor practices. As soon as I stopped having an income my ethics went right out the window. Amazon is just as bad now anyway.

Please excuse while I go off on an Amazon tangent for a minute. I have been thinking about Amazon Prime Day, which are now Amazon Prime Days. Amazon is becoming like the Buy and Low company in the movie Wall-E. Do we really need all this junk? I saw Prime Days signs all over Toronto, so I cannot help but believe these sales were worldwide where Amazon exists. I bought a ceramic neti pot to help with my allergies. It’s the only thing on my wish list that went on sale by three dollars. I have been using a plastic neti pot for years. It’s probably a little crazy, but I try to think about all the things that could have damaged my vagus nerve. Was it the plastic neti pot? Probably not, but it’s one more thing I can check off my list causing future damage. I like buying stuff, especially online, but if 7 billion people buy or obtain 2 pieces of non recyclable plastic a day, where the heck are all these plastics that will outlive all of us going to end up?

So I visited with JC and I did not ask for healing. I meditated. If God is kind and just he already knows my woes. I asked to give my sister strength for her divorce. I asked if you are real than why are you so unfair? Why do people always want to talk up the good you do, but downplay all the bad? (I mean no offense to the people reading this - it is my own internal struggle with my crazy nerve damage health problem nobody can see). Yes, faith is a cousin of hope and I am attracted to that energy. I wanted to walk up to the people suffering in that church and I wanted to shake their hand and give them a hug and say I feel your pain.

I guess I will narrate my other thoughts through the pictures. I’m not feeling great at all. It’s definitely coming through in my writing. I went to the festival of laughs tonight and it was all in French without subtitles. I downloaded some translation apps thinking I was clever and I would learn a few more words. However, they would not work for the French speaking people on the stage. If I spoke directly towards the Iphone it worked perfectly. Maybe there’s some kind of copyright problem that prevents translations from music and live performances. I wouldn’t be surprised. The phone was definitely picking up the spoken words from the stage. Some hacker has to have beaten this annoying issue. I will do my research. Anyway, the songs in between the stand up comedy were the highlight. There were also performers doing various fun things all around the venue. I enjoyed listening to them sing though I understood almost nothing.

Sadly Friday is my last full day here. I’m going to Rue Allen (Allen Street) and hopefully crossing the St. Lawrence River by bridge on my scooter. I have not even visited Old Montreal yet. It’s just not a priority though I hear its great.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. I know you know me well, but I have this out here for all Facebook land. Peace - no offense to anyone - I’m going through a struggling time in my life with a chronic illness and its side effects.