Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 06:36:38 +0000
From: "-= Audacious Adventurer Al =- "

December 12, 2002 . . . Noosa, Australia
(Beautiful beach town, best surf below Great Barrier Reef, river, bay, and ocean, in the past 10 years this town has BOOMED!)

Kylie Menogue? Do you know her? She's Australian for babe. In fact, I think I heard four of her songs today on the radio as I traversed the shops here looking for a non-Hallmark Christmas card. In total, I spent about 2 hours looking for Christmas cards and you all know how I love to shop! :) :) I don't know why Australians would purchase cards with snow on them. I bet a majority of them have never seen it!

G'day folks, it's Alley Al here on this fine late spring day here sucking down a fruit smoothie, using the Internet for free, in a relatively hip coffee house. I hear that recently you've had a snow storm back in Phil-a-del-phi-a. You can have your snow. Rest assured, I think about you all freezing when I'm out running down the beaches checking out the beautiful mountains, waves, and topless women.

Why do they call this beach town Noosa? Locals say that when the first British chap asked what the name of this place was, the Aborigine replied "Noosa". Nope, there haven't been a lot of hangings here, (or any for the matter) although Australia was a former penal colony!

There's calm, mild, and wild waters here. Today I was out in rather wild waters sea kayaking. I got teamed up with my kayak instructor and we went out into the ocean exploring the coast. The wind was roaring on the return to our shore and there were some weaklings among us. Thus, my instructor and I wound up towing back a group of tourists back to the sand. Eddie, my Australian instructor, said in true Aussie style, "You deserve a beeah tonight fer yer goowd effert." Man, he wasn't joking, I was in the front of the kayak and the waves were breaking in my face. I swallowed a lot of sea water, but, hey, at least it didn't taste like that God-awful stuff I drank last week!

I'm traveling on my own again and it's really kind of lonely.
However, a really unique story to tell:

A Change of Electricity
Last night I was bored and was going to hit the movies. As I arrived a wild thunderstorm caused tumult in the town, knocking out all the electricity, and leaving me stranded in a movie theater lobby for hours. The storms just kept going and going like the Energizer bunny. In that time I noticed a similarly stranded woman that I believed to be a German backpacker. Curiosity and boredom overwhelming me, I walked up and asked her, "Are you a German backpacker?" Well, I'm glad I did because we wound up talking for a couple hours under candlelight in a nearby cafe about life, the universe, and everything. No, this wasn't really a romantic encounter. She was an American, maybe 28-32 years old, from San Fran that had German ancestry in her blood. She told me, "Do you believe in energy? I believe the reason you approached me is because someone or thing knew I needed to talk to somebody." Yeah, she bought me a Shiraz and had great legs and there was some electricity between us, but well ... well... The restaurant closed and we said farewell, but all in all I had a great encounter (and an electrifying story to tell). Interestingly, in all that we discussed, I never asked her name. Yes, I'm grinning right now.

Well, folks, my Australia trip is pretty much set in stone. Tomorrow I return to where all my troubles began with the loser that ruined my first trip, Rainbow Beach. Interestingly, Mr. Identity Fraud Loser has recently been trying to get in touch with a friend of mine. Truly, he's THE MAN ON THE RUN, and I'm THE MAN HAVING FUN! He's going to get what he gave soon enough! Did you ever see the Talented Mr. Ripley? Well, my Mr. Ripley is going to get caught!

Alas, my free internet time is up. It's about 4:30PM here and just about time to get ready for a nice beach run! I'll try to hit a movie tonight and (of course I know I won't be able to resist) checking for this mysterious woman again at the nearby cafe.

Have a great week! Perhaps you'll hear from me at Rainbow Beach!
Hope you're Christmas parties rock! See ya!

Allen :)