Subject: Laughs and Lamentations of the Loner
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 11:12:42 +0000
From: "-= Audacious Adventurer Al =- "

November 23, 2002 . . . Brisbane, Australia
(Still here - it's late Spring - it's getting hotter - it's a city - big, crowded, and full of people)

Ladies and gentlemen, lads and lasses, blokes and birds . . . G'day here from Brisbane this fine Saturday night of November 23, 2002.

I was feeling really blue today, so I wrote this song to try to cheer myself up. Most of my best conservation volunteer mates have moved on to other places. Last night we all went out together to a nice Irish pub and danced to live punk rock top 40 music. Somehow, those two things don't mix together, but 3 Asians, 2 Australians, 1 Belgian, and 2 British behaving badly on a pseudo-dance floor was a great goodbye night out. Alas, I'm still here stuck in this mediocre city for another two weeks hoping I'll find that magical chemistry that a group of exceptionally cool people can create!

Always I reach an emotional extreme I try to channel that energy into something creative. Here's today's little masterpiece. I hope you like it. I usually don't share this stuff, but today I will.

Disclaimer 1 -

The main part is me singing and the lyrics in parenthesis are my backup singer(s). No, please, after you read this, do not consider sending me back to the padded room for special people when I get home :).


Shop the Blues Away - composed 23.11.02 3:00PM at Scottish Park

Oh, I was feeling down and blue This very late Spring day (so very sad now so very very sad now) All my friends were traveling on But I was here to stay

I walked around the sunny city
Wondering what to do (what to do now)
I studied the girls while people watching
And a shining thought came through . . .

Till the day is through
Isn't clever wonder whether
It'll take away my blues
I hear from some
It really satisfies
Buy this sweater - you'll feel better
They're just feeding us lies

Eminem hurt his mama
He doesn't like her cries (oh no mama boo hoo mama)
But they laugh their way to the bank
When everyone goes out and buys

No, Nelly, I don't love you
Despite your sublimity (I can't here ya, you know I can't hear ya)
If it's getting hot in here
It's a cold drink that satisfies me

Being myself a male (oh male)
My nature is to hunt
But I am drained searchin' 15 stores
For the best price on the thing that I want
(yes oh yes the thing the thing he wants now)

Till the day is through
Isn't clever wonder whether
It'll take away my blues
I hear from some
It really satisfies
Buy this sweater - you'll feel better
They're just feeding us lies

Now I say to you my friend (oh my friend now)
If you're blue wandering to or fro
If you're going shop-a-ing
There's something you outta know
(yes yes there's something ya outta know now)

If you're out a shop-a-ing
And don't have money ga-lore (uh huh now)
Consider the value of some-a-thing
Before your cash hits the drawer

(1 more time now - yes hit it one more time now)
Before your cash hits the drawer


Disclaimer 2 -
Please - keep your sense of humor :)! You'd have to hear me sing it to really pity me... OH YEAH!!!

Hey, if you're curious, I only purchased one CD in the whole tedious hour I spent shopping/hunting. It's an Australian singer, Ben Lee, that I cannot purchase easily in the USA (or off of Napster).

Trees If You Please -
Alright - a boomerang goes to anybody who can guess how many trees I planted this week! 100? 200? 300? You know what? After five straight days of planting trees at the same location you get sick of it. In fact, I'd almost say I'd prefer compute.... oh no, I won't write that openly.

So that's it... I'm planting trees... again for the next week strictly tree planting...

This is how you plant the perfect tree:

dig hole with mattock, add water, add tree, add dirt, pat down dirt, cover with water, surround and decorate with mulch

What a bore! My friends are gone and I'm stuck doing the same monotonous thing.

So, I leave you with this question . . . am I going to live out the next two weeks here or groove on and BUST OUT?

Have a great week!

"My name is Adam Sandler. I'm not particularly smart. I'm not
particularly talented. And yet, I am a multimillionaire"
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