Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 05:33:56 +0000
From: "-= Audacious Adventurer Al =- "

November 3, 2002 . . . Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
(Hippie beach town - 9,000 locals - 25,000+ tourists)

Surf's up dude! It's 80F/27C degrees outside, the beach is in full swing, and the hippies are out ranting about peace, love, and happiness. Welcome to Byron Bay. As the ozone-lax atmosphere watched the sun settle towards its nest, I was out for a run on the beach when I saw the most amazing sight! It was high tide and I was running along loving life in the refreshing salty air. Suddenly, I approached a freshly bathed woman with her back toward me admiring the tide. I wasn't sure at first, but my suspicions were right! As I neared she turned towards me bearing her splendid anatomical gifts.... Let's just say I almost dropped my discman. I love Australian beaches! YEEEAH!

For the past week I've been boasting how I love spicy foods to the Korean volunteers I work with. They made a spicy chicken dish that made me hiccup like a wild pony on crack!

Last night the volunteers and I headed to a pub called Cheeky Monkeys. We bonded playing Korean and Scottish bar games as well as dancing our socks off! For some reason, the volunteers think I can dance. So, they saw it fit that they could somehow convince me to dance on top our table. Well, with a little bit of encouragement, I got up there, shook my a$$, and almost fell off! :)

(Fact 1: I can run 10 miles on a whims notice, but I cannot walk straight for too long)

(Fact 2: I wasn't inebriated; I'd fail a straight line test right now)

Is the Ketchup Song big in the USA? It's a big hit over here in the Aussie world and looks to be the next Macarena. We shall see...

You know in the past how I've complained about my knees? (At least back during my first adventure) Fortunately, for the most part they've stopped being a true menace. They're not perfect, but not a real nuisance. I try running on grass, tracks, and beaches as much as humanly possible. However, I don't give much credit to smarter terrain running, I give the credit to LESS STRESS. I think your body attacks its weakest point when it's over-stressed. For me that's obviously my knees. Maybe I should give up the material world and just be hippie that runs everyday :)

Okay, that's the highlights of this weekend and probably the whole week. This has been the only week with stress I've felt my entire time abroad. Now for the challenge answer . . .

Adventure Al Keeps His Cool

I've worked too hard to get back here. Ingrid is really pretty and lots of fun, BUT...

Here's my thought process:
+ I worked too hard to get back here to go home early
+ I've been in 3 LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS - 3 times is a charm
+ Ingrid will certainly NOT be the last girl I ever connect with
+ If Ingrid likes me enough, she can come to Australia
+ 34 days of certain pleasure together is not worth the inevitable suffering
+ I like the beach - I wouldn't mind working at Rainbow Beach again

So, although I'm headed to the poor house and my holiday romance has ended, I'm sticking to my guns and doing it Aussie style! Ah, peace of mind!

Although this decision was painfully tough and Ingrid is really upset about it, it's for the best. To my delight, I now have 2 friends in Germany I will visit! Can you guess where my next adventure may take me?

Actually, I'm giving myself a consolation prize. You see, this week I checked to see if I could reroute my ticket home to stop back in New Zealand. They checked the rules on my flight ticket back in Philly and I was approved to change my dates and stopovers on my ticket. Thus, I'm going to leave Australia 2 weeks early to finish up the rest of New Zealand! I win all-around!

It's time to go; I've been here too long. Have a great week and when you're doing your mundane duties, I'll be at a national park planting trees, building trails, weeding, and workin' up a sweat! I LIKE IT!

See ya mates!
Aussie Allen :)

"Life may not be the party we hoped it would be, but while we're here
 we might as well dance!"
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