October 23, 2002 . . . Christchurch, New Zealand
(Big city of the south island of NZ - cool name, huh?)
(My last day in New Zealand)

Whow! I've received some feedback from my last email which I almost cannot believe! Actually, I'm surprised what comes into your imaginations (tsk, tsk). Forgive me if this email seems a little weird, but somebody chewed me out. If you had no problems with my last email, you can pretty much skip this one. However, please read if you choose because I feel the need to clarify something...

I just read over my last email I hardly saw anything insulting. I am really sorry if I am offending anybody. I think many of you may be getting the wrong ideas about me. I truly share my humanity with everybody on this list. I'm sharing my joys, sorrows, and triumphs: all of them. All of these adventures are real and meaningful for me. Nonetheless, I probably would share select stories with different people based on our relationships. However, I don't have the luxury of time or feel like being too correct. I'm here to have fun! If you don't like it, simply press delete when the emails come! I am not trying to be Don Juan over here. Actually, I was really happy about meeting Ingrid and the miracle way it happened. I thought it was a fun story! I just love to share my joy! Meeting somebody special is an amazing story to me worth sharing! Yes, I may talk about girls in my letters, but it's because I find the fear of rejection one of the toughest challenges I have yet to overcome. I'm simply sharing my human struggles with it. Essentially, please, don't assume anything! You're wrong [period] That bit at the end (about "Denise" was incomplete) You see, I don't really proofread these letters. I have to pay for every minute I use the Internet here. I had to leave the terminal in Wellington to allow somebody else their free 20 minutes Internet access.

I feel I must elaborate on the "Denise" bit from my last email. The "Denise" is a girl who is seriously not my type that I seem to attract on every dance floor in every country. For the most part, I'm nice to everybody. I dance with everybody. Once again, it comes to that rejection problem I have... It's so hard to say, "Look, I enjoy dancing with you, but I really want to dance with other people. Furthermore, I'm not interested in that kind of relationship with you"

In the future, my emails will be toned down! They might be less honest and real, but that's the general way our society works. I'll be more diplomatic and 'correct'!

Hey, I'm sorry if this email is weird! It's my last day in New Zealand, my identity fraud situation has gathered some more corporate evil, and I'm quite tired!

I could read this email later and judge if I should send it, but why bother?

Now, off to my last night in New Zealand! I'm going out to a cool Korean restaurant and reading a great book called "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom - I recommend it to every last one of you!

Cheers! Thanks for sharing my humanity, nothing more-nothing less!
Allen :)

"JUDGE NOT lest you be judged" - The Lord

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