Subject: Lovin' Life!
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 10:08:23 +0000
From: "-= Audacious Adventurer Al =- "

October 21, 2002 . . . Auckland, New Zealand
(back to start - the big city ... I'm just 1 of 1.4 million people)

'Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end' Isn't that the way the adage goes?

Sadly, I'm leaving New Zealand in just three days. I've loved it here; I wouldn't change a thing. Enough sulking... I'm really grateful I've had this opportunity that so few people ever do.

Thinking things couldn't get better on this adventure, I hopped into one of my classic dangerous adventures: dating international girls. Yes, once again this 'Stupid American' dived into the treacherous dating waters, but came out swimming like a satisfied sea lion!

Love at first SMACK!

The Magic Bus picked up Ingrid Schmitz at the art-deco beach town of Napier at 2:45PM. The bus was a little late arriving because the driver LEFT ME BEHIND AT A NATURE CONSERVATORY (that's another frighting story not to be told right now. . .) Nonetheless, Ingrid and I got to talking on the bus and I thought she was really cool from our first moments of gab.

Ingrid's a cute blonde haired girl with big intelligent blue-eyes. She's an elementary school teacher in Germany. She looked like my type from the get-go: basically, the kind of girl I'd like to host Saturday morning cartoons with.

When we arrived at our accommodation, we had to wait in line for a bed. There was a candy jar on the counter, sort of like at the bank. I went to open it when ... SMACK! Ingrid smacked my hand and gave me this cheeky look. For me, this was the beginning of a major flirting dual...

Skipping some details and progressing later into the night, Ingrid and I ended up at Burger King (of all places) around midnight, had some FREE hot chocolate (the guy at the counter thought it might taste so bad that he didn't charge us for it). Thus, Ingrid and I wound up talking about life, the universe, and everything in Burger King until 2AM when a staff member kindly asked us to leave because they were about to close.

I don't know how it happened, but our lips got stuck together back at the hostel. Then they met again; it got addictive. At the end of our brief amazing session, I playfully said, "I think I should stay here another night" "Ya, please," was her rejoinder. YEAH!!!!

"Ya, please"
Ya is 'yes' in German by the way. One extra day led to two days, which in turn led to three, then four. We hiked, dined, explored New Zealand together... Alas, during day four we had to go our separate ways.

Once again, the Magic Bus driver had a reason to pick on me:

'Al ... '
'you're alone now ... '
'You're free now ...'
'Go to the pub tonight ...
'Try to forget about her :)'

Yeah, everybody on the Magic bus was laughing except embarrassed me . . .

So I've been looking at waterfalls, hiking in the bush, playing my pennywhistle, CEROC dancing since 10-17....