Subject: Allen Rebound and Re-Entry
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 13:08:25 +0000
From: -= Aussie Allen Kanga Rue =-
Tuesday, April 9th, 2002.... Brisbane, Queensland

Hello Hello Hello! ... HELL-O!

I was trying really hard to reach out and touch someone tonight. Tonight is tight-a$$ Tuesday in Brisbane where the cinemas are almost half price. I considered going to see "A Beautiful Mind" tonight, but I wanted to do something active - particularly interacting with people. I failed miserably at my hostel. The travelers were much to interested in their books to talk to Aussie Boy Allen, so I walked around Brisbane trying my usual, "Excuse me, do you know what time it is?" and try to start a conversation from there. That failed too. There was a good looking IRISH girl at the front desk of my hostel that I decided to go back after dinner to try to chat up, but I failed at that too. So I am here in an Internet cafe communicating with you guys - my home-front posse - on a huge 23 inch monitor.

I must tell you that today was FABULOSO and I had so much creative energy to write, but now it's all gone. It must be from that 40cent McDonald's ice cream cone I just ate. I'm going to take a break for a bit before I write this... I took a break from writing this (although you can't tell) and my energy is coming back!

I left my hostel job today at Rainbow Beach. Boo hoo! I was beginning to recover after my two-week slump when my mother poured a whole bunch of new bad news on me. It took me down into the dumps again and I just can't sit here in Australia and do nothing . . . My perpetrator belongs behind bars and I cannot pretend this is not going to bother me for 7 months when more bad news will continue and I may not even know the complete extent of the damages yet...


My boss Greg saw it after that phone call and he knew I was leaving. Thus, he loaded me up with tasty Aussie steaks, chicken, and liquors he sold at the hostel. I worked with a British girl named Rebecca and we became quite good friends. My last three days at Rainbow we spent a lot of time eating, drinking, and being merry. (Not necessarily in that order)

Greg gave me a ride today to Tin Can Bay, the nearest town to Rainbow Beach. Here's when the fun started. I missed the bus to Brisbane and after some investigation - there was no way I could get there by the end of the day. What did I do? Glad you asked! I hitchhiked!

I know am proud to say I'm a hitchhiking veteran. I hitchhiked several times here already in Aussieworld, but always with another person. Today I got picked up twice for a distance of over 50 miles and I'm really proud of myself.

The first lady picked me up 2 minutes into my thumbing session. She wasn't going where I needed to go (Gympie), but she drove me to the only departing road of the town. I was standing outside for 15 minutes or so and I wasn't having any success. I was thinking to myself, "If I was driving, what kind of person would I pick up?" So I started doing a little thumb dance with my hands, smiling, and making it looked like I was begging as each driver passed. It still wasn't working...

I looked over across the road and move to the sign that said Gympie 50. So I walked over to it and continued my hitch dance routine. Additionally, I pointed to the sign at the end of my begging part of the dance to point to where I wanted to go (the sign said Rainbow Beach 34 as well). Well, that wasn't working... Finally I held a10 dollar bill in my hand and did my dance. What do you know -somebody pulled over a couple minutes later. This guy drove a VW camper van and he didn't want my money. We had a great chat on the way to Gympie and I had a great time chatting about life, the universe, and everything. It was better than any bus ride I'd ever been on! What great luck!

Boy, there's so much I want to write about, but we both have places to go, people to see. . .

Tomorrow I'm going to Beerwah - yes that's right brew fans! However, Beerwah isn't about what it's brewed up to be. It's about "CROC'S RULE". Yes - I'm going to the Australian Zoo - HOME OF THE CROC HUNTER. Tomorrow morning I'll be off for Beerwah to see Steve Irwin's HQ. I know he's not there - he's touring 'The States' right now according to Aussie television.

Here's the heavy stuff:

I cannot leave what has happened in the back of my mind for seven months. Although I have done everything I can from Australia, that is not enough. Bad news is pouring in and I don't know if there's more fraud than I know about at the moment. As of right now I cannot get a job, buy a car, get a house. Mr. Somebody is driving around a vehicle I supposedly purchased and probably exploiting other people. The sooner I begin prosecution and redeem my name on paper the better I will feel. I feel the best I have in a couple weeks because I feel I'm doing in my heart what is right.

I don't know why this has happened, but some good will come out of this besides justice. After I get this matter to a someone resolved state, I will pray I have the money to return to Australia. To make it so, I am going to pursue another one of my other life dreams while I have my vacation time from the "real world" in the US. I am going to become a BEACH LIFEGUARD for the summer of 2002 down in North Wildwood, New Jersey. I love to swim - I love to run - I love being responsible (and checking out babes) I will get to see my cousin Ben get married and hopefully have the dinero to fly back to Aussie from mid-September - mid-December. If all goes well, it will be like I've had three summers back to back.

It's hard to write this, but I plan to leave Oz in a week or so to return to the US, so I am hamming it up here in case I really cannot come back later this year.

I return to Sydney, New South Wales on Friday where I will change my ticket. I plan to head south to Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, Adelaide, and finally Ayer's Rock (Ulhuru) before I leave. Keeping myself busy and around people is what I've been trying to do since the revelation this calamity. Thanks for all the support and advice from everybody who has written to me here.

Check the newspapers Monday May 6th, 2002 because Allen Rue is going to be in the Top 100 male runners (as per usual) in the 10-mile Broad Street Run. Okay, at least in the top 130 runners - I've been running daily roughly 5-miles a day on the beach at Rainbow (good knees, yes good knees)

There may be perhaps one more communication from me while I'm herein Australia. (Don't sigh of relief too fast) I don't know if I am a fool for coming home, but my heart tells me that's the right thing to do. I cannot be passive about this and be at peace. There's a lot of money and possibilities of my future being wrecked in all of this. I could share some "Allen stopped the crime" stories with you, but then you'd have to read my ramblings for another five minutes.

Okay, just one story and I'll leave you with it.

I was walking down 24th Street in North Wildwood one night after a run to go visit my mom. I still had my walkman on, but I noticed some suspicious looking guy across the street. Keith James (I found out his name later) keeps his face hidden from me as he walks diagonally to cross my path as he crosses the street. I take off my walkman and watch him all the way across the street.

He says in his most husky voice "Give me all your money of a stab ya!" I look at that guy thinking, "hello... can't you see I'm covered with sweat and just finished running? I wonder if I can take this guy out?"

Keith noticed I wasn't scared. I didn't react the way he expected so he started running away from ME! I thought to myself, "this guy might victimize some old lady or other tourist" So, I started chasing the guy myself. I saw cops and tried to flag them down, but they kept on driving (they later told me thought I was just another tourist who wanted directions). I continue chasing my criminal and found cops. They told me to go dial 9-1-1 first. I run to call9-1- 1 thinking the legal system sucks. They catch the guy. They ask me to identify him. He's all huffing and puffing - and I'm thinking "Do you need to even ask me if it's him - he's all out of breath and wearing a heavy hooded sweatshirt in the middle of summer... Duh"

Consequently, I have to go to the police office and give my testimony on the guy to some investigators. It turned out this guy hit three (?) other people up for "all their money" that summer and the police were looking for him for some time.

Well, this email cost me as much going to see "A Beautiful Mind" I'd like to think my email comes from a beautiful mind. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed my little tale - see you 'State-side'

Allen :)

"The wise are glad to be instructed, but babbling fools fall flat on
their faces.  People with integrity have firm footing, but those who
follow crooked paths will slip and fall." Proverbs 10:8-9
Allen "Kanga" Rue - the Australian traveling extraordinaire