Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 05:49:34 +0000
From: -= Aussie Allen Kanga Rue =-

Disclaimer: THIS IS REAL!

March 27th, 2002…. Rainbow Beach, Queensland

My friends! My friends! I am going insane right now. Let me explain. Several days ago I learned that someone has racked up over $40,000 debt in my name. Ironically, I think I know who it is. Want details? You’re going to get them.

Recently some friendly collection agents showed up on my mother’s doorstep at 11PM to repossess a 1999 Acura. She immediately caused me some alarm and sort of startled my trip a bit, but I really tried to forget about it.

Well, I know somebody who owns a relatively new Acura and I tried to call the Mr. Somebody since the date of the incident. I tried getting in contact with this Mr. Somebody to no avail. My suspicions didn’t cease so I had to check ­ I filed for my credit report here in Australia…….

Well, it turns out that I bought a $18,500 car and racked up roughly $24,489 in credit card debt and (get this) I can’t be found. My address is listed as Mr. Somebody’s household…..

Yes, so here I am Allen Rue, working two jobs and building a web page for somebody in my non-existent spare time so I can go live in Australia… NOW I MIGHT HAVE TO COME HOME TO PRESS CHARGES.

For goodness sake, I rode a bicycle all around the Philly!!!


It turns out that apparently Mr. Somebody (or if it Mr. Somebodies) racked up all this debt from March through August 2001.

A fraud department called me in December at my government job, but I wrote the number down carelessly and they never called back.

Please, if you know anything about identity fraud, let me know. I have family in the USA helping me out on this and I’m a little afraid. If all my accounts get locked then I will be trapped.

For those of you who make think it -- THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I wish it was April Fools Day and I was kidding around, but really­ I cannot believe this is true but it is!

There’s still not proof that Mr. Somebody caused all this chaos, but all the signs point that way directly. Mr. Somebody's email address is no longer on this list....

Upset Aussie Allen over and out!

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