Subject: The brochure looked nice, but . . .
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 02:30:01 +0000
From: -= Aussie Allen Kanga Rue =-

Friday, February 28th, 2002

G'day mates back in the US!

I appreciate all the love and encouragement I received from the last email I sent out. When I find a place that has cheap Internet, I'll be sure to reply to all you kind folk accordingly!

I'd love to share with you my farm stories and all of the amazing adventures I had this past week and a half! They're really splendid, but all I can say about my my farm job is, "THE BROCHURE SURE LOOKED NICE". If you want to see a brochure for yourself, check out It turns out that the only job I could get was to drive a tractor along waiting for cotton pickers to fill a cargo hold I drug along 7 days a week! HOW BORING! That's about as fun as racing to type as much as I can to you guys on this terminal before I get cut off in 6 minutes! The cattle jobs don't appear till APRIL and the few that exist now require veteran riders, not CITY SLICKERS with little horse riding experience like myself! I do not regret going though the farm program because I learned so much in my 5 days of agricultural schooling. I lived in a house with NO ELECTRICITY! It may seem shocking to you, but it was really educational... I learned how to ride horses, motorcycles, and tractors! I learned how to tighten barb fencing, take care of horses, herd (muster) cattle and battle sheep, etc.



Monday March 4th, 2002

Hello folks. Here I am still at a place called Rainbow Beach. I've found my free Internet at none other than the library. I'm now a member here and the townspeople really seem to like me. Let me go backwards a little and explain how I got here . . . .

Well, I finished my farm education (and man was it a GREAT EXPERIENCE), but the job I was offered really STUNK! I would be pulling along a large cotton on a tractor. Others will fill it up and I would just drive it along. They call it dole buggying here. That's just lame! All the cattle jobs come out in April/May (also known as the time I can't legally work in Australia anymore). Additionally, this city slicker has little horse experience, so I hear those ever infamous words "You need more experience." when I called employers. Thus, Farmer Rue isn't happening. Oh well, it must not have been meant to be. At least, I know longer desire to make it happen. I'd rather go to horse riding school to become a better cowboy for a better job. There was another much more lucrative job I was presented in the outback as a handyman and gardener. I've been calling a lady about this job for several days, but her household never answers the phone. I heard that the Northern Territory has been flooded for several days and the phone system may be out. What a country!!!

So I've been reading, relaxing, swimming, socializing, and just plain being at peace here at Rainbow Beach. Believe it or not, I CAN RUN AGAIN! Yes, folks - yesterday I would guess I ran about five miles down the beach. I've 4 out of 7 days here and that's a record since my tendinitis began. I should never lose hope!

As many people know I like to run my thoughts from my mouth as much as I like to run 10-mile races. Thus, I told various folks in Rainbow Beach that I was looking for work. It just so happens that the very backpacker resort I'm staying at is looking for a little help. Let's put this in perspective for you: It costs me $54 USD a week to relax by one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. Water so clear you can see to the bottom - for real. The sands are so many different colours and the Aborigines have religious beliefs based on the colours of the sands. I have free Internet, cheap food, and plenty of sunshine. I've been offered a few hours work a week to offset my costs. It's under the table and I can still seek another legal job. I'm happy here (though I miss social dancing). This has been my most relaxed setting in Australia - I'm almost certain that I'll take it.

Believe it or not, I've actually starting reading the Bible here. It's a bit like a self-help book that has a lot of interesting ways of thinking in it. I thought it was going to be really dull reading telling you 'don't do this, do that', but it's more like a bunch of little stories that have morals to them. I don't know if God sent me here at not to try to put some of my pieces together, but I'm really relaxed here in this town.

Believe it or not, I feel like I'm going through a mid-life crisis right now. 'What the heck do you want Allen?' Oliver said I was coming here to do some soul-searching and he was right on the money. It's a funny thing that I keep ending up on the beach. Maybe I'm trying to tell myself something. Five summers at the beach and doing computers in school.... hmmm....

I really haven't talked much about Australia in my email but I'll be sure to share some more cool stuff in a future email. In the meantime, I'm here at Rainbow Beach. I'll be going back to 'the home of the croc hunter' Brisbane for a few days to buy some books and my guitar, but I'll be back computer-side again soon!

G'day and all the best!
Allen the Wanderer . . .

P.S. I found and read a book here called "The Contender" by Robert ... (can't think of his last name) It's a book for young guys, but I think everybody should read it, especially to their kids from 12-17. One thing the kid learned in the book was

"to work hard, concentrate, and climb"

Get to your dreams!
See ya - Allen :)

Don't fear death so much, but rather an inadequate life - Bertold Brecht
Allen "Kanga" Rue - the Australian traveling extraordinaire