G'day everyone back home!

Happy Australia Day! Today the Australians celebrate the founding of Australia the way we celebrate the fourth of July! I am extremely jetlagged and already got a lot of sun. My email is my introduction letting you know I got here safely, and I'm looking forward to sharing my adventure with you. I hope you enjoy my zany thoughts. It's day two here in Sydney and I couldn't be happier. This city is not at all what I expected. It's nicer, cleaner, friendlier, and I'm having no troubles mingling and conforming at all. I have a million fun observations, but I'm really hungry and I'm going to breakfast at 9AM. I don't feel really comfortable at this Internet kiosk, so I'm going to find another place in the city where I can release my creativity and try to make you laugh. This keyboard is as high as my nipples. I guess they think travelers are really tall.

Well, off to breakfast and some fun in the sun! My email is a welcoming test making sure it will reach all you guys, or mates as they say here. Those mates that know me best know my filter is not good and I call it the way I see it. I hope you enjoy my adventure stories ahead. I hope they are as exciting as the amazing firework show off Syndey Harbour I've seen last night on my first of hopefully many Australia Days!

Don't fear death so much, but rather an inadequate life - Bertald
Allen "Kanga" Rue - the Australian traveling extraordinaire