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Things are changing here on my site. If something does not currently look right or function, it is just a matter of time. My site is now a work in progress after years of neglect. Thanks for visiting!

Some time ago, Verizon blocked FTP access to people like me maintaining personal websites. In the United States of America, where there is increasingly higher prices and less service, I purchased my own affordable domain at Thanks to Mott's for the free applesauce samples you send me!

My site is here to share information about things I am passionate about: computers, writing/sharing some my real experience stories, and filling in some of the blanks in life from those missing manuals.

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Why Captain Applesauce?

It is a fun, silly and catchy name for a super hero. Catch me in cyberspace as CaptnApplesauce. I am not much of an artist, but check out my "art" of the captain.